TIGRE, The Tiger Horse Breed Registry and SOULON Headquarters. Email: tigre.tigerhorse@gmail.com Mail to: TIGRE, Attn: Registrar, PO Box 638, Grants, NM 87020-0638

Tigre registers two types of Tiger Horses. The original Royalty type that are gaited and any offspring that are not gaited which are registered in the Heavenly division. As horses mature and demonstrate gait, they may apply for an upgrade to Royalty. We will determine which category is appropriate for your horse after inspecting your submission. Once Tigre achieves its first 500 Tiger Horses in either division, our Registries will be closed to all outside applicants.


  1. Using the buttons below, download the Registration Application and Profile Form.  Use a pencil not a pen, and with the horse before you fill in all face, leg, and unusual markings as well as find at least two cowlicks. Record these accurately. It is not necessary to draw in the body spots as some spotted horses change.
  2. Download and fill out the Fee Schedule. Attach a check made out to “Tigre” to cover current annual membership fees (Lifetime Members pay for horse registrations only), include the appropriate fee. Except for geldings and spayed mares, every applicant must be Blood typed or DNA tested. (We will send the necessary information to you).

Once your horse is accepted for registration, Tigre will issue a registration number and mail you a blood/DNA typing kit. Simply follow the instructions, then allow 6 weeks to receive your registration papers.

Horses that are not accepted for registration will have application fees returned except for a $10.00 processing fee.

Membership fees will not be returned under any circumstances.