The Soulon Tiger Horse

The SOULON Tiger Horse from the T’Ang Dynasty (China 615-780), is easily recognized as a horse of great stature. Our modern day SOULONS closely resemble them.

Depicted in ancient Chinese art and modern day ceramic reproductions, the Soulon is a horse of substantial stature. Often adorned in fancy dress, colorful silk tassels hang from silk saddle blankets.

The SOULON is consistently represented as a stately animal with a substantial neck and powerful hind quarters.The convex head is elegantly aristocratic by design, and the legs are solid looking and correct for gaited horses which stand in under themselves behind.

The Han Dynasty some 220 years earlier, imported Heavenly (Tiger) horses from the Siberia/China border and infused their local stock with horses they believed to be magical. This cross breeding resulted in a larger horse which helped improve their military strength.

It was not until the sumptuous T’Ang Dynasty some 220 years after the Han period, that Draft horses like this one were infused into the Han Dynasty horses. This decision to cross breed riding horses with farm horses resulted in an even bigger improvement and the magnificent SOULON (above) was created.

This site has been created to promote and protect the development of modern day SOULONS emerging from our Tiger Horse Breed. Not all Tiger Horses are as yet qualified for The Soulon Seal Of Approval, but many are contributing to SOULON development. The Soulon Seal was created to reward and encourage Tiger Horse Breeders to focus on the third and final stage of Tigre’s Tiger Horses. This development sets us apart from all other spotted gaited horses. The SOULON Tiger Horse of the 21st century should closely resemble China’s T’Ang Dynasty horses and be easily recognized as such. A new breed well worth celebrating

Below are some modern day examples of Tigre’s SOULONS. See others qualified for The Soulon Seal Of Approval. Get your medallion!

(below) This SOULON Tiger Horse stallion sired the mare above, and also the SOULON qualified stud colt below right..

(Below) This lovely SOULON mare is a half sister of the stallion above left. She produced her own magnificent SOULON filly from a SOULON qualified stallion. The SOULON has oriental shaped eyes. Thne whites show like that of humans. Their arched neck is substantial and they exhibit powerful hindquarters. They are keenly intelligent exhibiting controlled spirit with none of the flightiness seen in other spirited breeds. The aristocratic shaped head is convex and broad across the forehead. A triangular shape both mares and stallions are extremely handsome. This breed readily co-exists with newcomers to the barn and loves human company.