Introducing Tigre’s Founding Members:

Lifetime member #1 Victoria Varley of ANNANDALE’S TIGER HORSE FARM in New Mexico. Tigre’s Breeder Founder, and Registrar. Started in 1992 Victoria continues to breed and improve her particular preferences and supports the efforts of members. Most of the first 110 Tigre registered horses were born at Annandale or have descended from Annandale stock on the farms of others. Our personal preference for further developing our private herd, comes from two Appaloosa horses. A gaited mare named Toby’s Sasapatch and a homozygous Appaloosa stallion named Annandale’s Storyteller, both of which now belong to others. Photographed here with one of our helpers is a yearling stud colt named Annandale’s Holy Smoke and his full sister Annandale’s Hallelujah. They epitomize the Soulon pheno-type. Both are rich in exotic markings. Both inherited strong middle gaits. The future continues to look very bright indeed. Visit our site and enjoy lots more photos.

Lifetime member #2 T.Mark Varley of Annandale’s Tiger Horse Farm. Thank you Mark for your never ending support and encouragement for this venture.

Annandale’s Holy Smoke and Hallelujah

Annandale’s Holy Smoke

Annandale’s Hallelujah and Carbon Copy
Annandale’s Storyteller
Annandale’s Cloud 9 Chloe
Annandale’s Love Story and Victoria Varley

Lifetime member #4 The late Mr Frank Scripter, The American Leopard Farm in Michigan. Thank you Frank for your earliest enthusiasm and ready lifetime support for what we are doing at Tigre even though you were not breeding for gaited or Tiger Horses yourself. The late Mr. Frank Scripter spent a lifetime breeding Appaloosa “leopards to leopards” in an attempt to discover their genetic strengths. In the end science decided they were not homozygous but heterzygous and are capable of various coat patterns including solid colors with no Lp gene characteristics. Franks 20 year effort had picked up where Austria left off after trying for 80 years to unravel the same mystery. Frank invented the Appaloosa name “Few Spot” for one type of homozygous Appaloosas and objected when others added the word “leopard.” His discovery that Few Spots are homozygous and therefore valuable members of the Appaloosa Horse breed, helped to save many white Appaloosas from going to slaughter. Until Frank’s discovery proved true, they were considered throw-away horses as they failed to show only a few body spots on a white coat. After researching the facts supplied by story teller Don Llalonde, Frank agreed to pen Don's book The Ghost Wind Stallions of which many copies have been sold. The Ghost Wind Stallions is a fascinating read about three Ghost Horse stallions that were shipped to the North West, but because the seas were too rough to dock, the horses were pushed overboard and helped to shore by canooing Indians who paid a much higher price than normal for the magical steeds. Some of our Tiger Horses descend from one Ghost Wind stallion.

Lifetime member # 6 Carolyn Creekmore, of KIDROCK TIGER HORSE FARM in Texas.

KIDROCK TIGER HORSE FARM Carolyn’s stallion Annandale’s Pepper Stepper was one of the first horses registered with Tigre and stands at stud near Dallas, Texas. Pepper has produced more than his fair share of spotted foals and was born from a Mustang mare named Star. His sire was “Big Boy” a half Arabian/Appaloosa. Peppers smooth middle gait was inherited from his dam and he passes it along to all of his beautiful daughters.

Annandale’s Pepper Stepper

Lifetime member #7 Dennis Clark, Texas. In Loving Memory of Dennis Clark CRNA. An early and enthusiastic supporter of Tigre, Dennis owned several Tiger Horses before dying tragically in a motorcycle accident. His support and enthusiastic companionship, sense of humor, and his never ending encouragement for what we are accomplishing, is sorely missed.

Lifetime member #9 Pamela Ledbetter, STORYTELLER FARM, New Mexico. Introducing Annandale’s Orient Express, a leopard spotted Tiger Horse stallion. “Orie” is a 3rd generation Tiger Horse and a “Glider Rider.” Thank you Pam for helping to name this gait. “Orie” is doing his share to produce excellent Tiger Horse foals.

Storyteller Farm’s Oriental Treasure
Storyteller Farm’s Oriental Traveler
Storyteller Farm’s Choco Latte
Storyteller Farm’s Buckhorn’s Cheyenne
Annandale’s Orient Express and his Dam Annandale’s Fairy Tale

Lifetime member #12 Karen Shead. The Tiger Shed, OKlahoma. Karen’s stallion “Dillon” (TS WindWalker) was one of the first three stallions registered with Tigre and used to start The Tiger Horse Breed. “Dillon” sired many really beautiful foals before being gelded. Some of the best stallions make really great trail riding geldings, but he left his mark on Tigre first.

TS WindWalker “Dillon

Lifetime member #14 Emiko and Marilyn Blair. OTHER WAY RANCH, Arkansas. Pictured here Annandale’s Lady Bug and Marilyn Blair tacking up for a trail ride. Lady Bug is a double reg. Tigre/Appaloosa is nicely gaited and has produced several beautiful Tiger Horse foals from their stallion Annandale’s Storyteller for the Blairs and for Annandale Farms.

Annandale’s Lady Bug

Lifetime member #15 Faustina Duffy, Arkansas. Faustina’s stallion Treeline Romeo is the only stallion to ever have won or completed the challenging Tevis Cup 100 miles in 1 day endurance race. Congratulations Faustina! Congratulations The Tiger Horse!

Treeline Romero

Lifetime member #21 Drew Kesling of Marshfield Farm, Indiana. Drew is a successful long distance trail riding eventer, and competes all his Tiger Horses. These three are left to right, Annandale’s Tiger Lilly, her half brother Annandale’s Zeus, and their beautiful and rare hozygous roan Ghost Horse filly Marshfields Independence. This is gaited quality in the extreme.

Annandale’s Tiger Lilly
Annandale’s Zeus
Marshfield’s Independence

Lifetime member #22 Vicki Rizzo, Texas. Tigre is forever grateful to Vicki Rizzo for helping us identify and catalog the “Indian Shuffle” which we have since renamed the Glider Gait Vicki breeds Appaloosas for this particular "wind in your hair" glider ride. Photo below far right (courtesy of Vicki Rizzo) are of three Glider Appaloosas now also registered with Tigre as Heavenly Horses. This couple parented several important horses for Annandale and others. Below left is Annandale’s Avalanche and Annandale’s Winter Fox (below ctr). Their parents and yet another spotted foal between are Vicki Rizzo’s winning combination who have produced Ghost Horses and leopards in alternate years, several of which are also registered with Tigre. This an amazing record for homozygous production by any standards.

Annandale’s Avalanche
Annandale’s Winter Fox
Heavenly “Ghost” Horses

Lifetime member #24 Charles and Carol Phillips, Maryland. Charlie with his blue roan Tiger Horse stallion Annandale’s Gray Wolf who has proved himself to be an incredible Tiger Horse producer. His smooth middle gait is the envy of the show crowd, as are the supremely correct foals he is producing with Charlie’s mare including the amazing Soulon Approved mare Annandale’s Heavenly. Heavenly has produced Soulon Approved foals from the union and descends from the first two horses used to start the Tiger Horse breed and also the Appaloosa hors breed. She traces in an almost direct line from the famous Ghost Wind stallion in the book by Don Llalonde of the same name.

Annandale’s Gray Wolf and Charles Phillips
Annandale’s Heavenly
Annandale’s Gray Wolf

Lifetime member #49 Steve and DeDe Marshall, Loblolly Farm, North Carolina.The Marshalls are involved with a TWH organization and plan to produce Tiger Horse/TWH crosses with their homozygous purchases of half siblings; Annandale’s Ghost Story (below left), Annandale’s Eagle Feather (below ctr), and Annandale’s Bold Eagle (below far right). All three of these horses are homozygous for the leopard complex gene and will always produce foals with at least one copy of the spotted coat pattern gene. These three descend from Annandale’s Storyteller, one of the first stallions used to start the Tiger Horse breed. As you can see, Storyteller was an amazing producer and several Tigre members apart from the Marshalls, are fortunate to have some of this blood in their developing herds.

Annandale’s Ghost Story
Annandale’s Eagle Feather
Annandale’s Bold Eagle

If you are a lifetime member of Tigre and would like to be featured here, please let us know.Send a photo you love, together with a link to your own web site and farm particulars.Tigre appreciates you, and needs your continued involvement. Lifetime members do not have to pay annual fees to register their Tiger Horses. Fees do apply for the horses.Thank you to all past and present members for your support and for sharing your beautiful Tiger Horses.