When exhibiting the Tiger Horse under saddle or on foot and in hand, Tigre prefers riders and handlers to wear tailored outfits and quiet colors. Solid colored breeches or riding pants are desirable, and solid colored or quietly patterned vests over a crisp white “poets shirt” will help to keep the judges eye on the horse, which normally is colorful enough. This type of outfit does not detract from the beautiful coat patterns that Tiger Horses inherit and which we wish to show to maximum advantage. The horses are exotic. Lets not try to steal their thunder by wearing garish glitter or items of clothing that are in-appropriate and that distract the Judge

Karen Tillisch in Germany riding her Tiger Horse gelding Shado. What a beautiful picture they cut in their matching colors. Karen is active on the show circuit and has trained Shado to do all kinds of entertaining tricks, most of the time riding him without a saddle or bridle. This is a special interest story because Karen obtained Shado from a man who could do nothing with him. Frustrated, like a previous owner, he handed Shado off to somebody else. Karen, and she became Shado’s guardian angel.
Look at him now!

Vanessa Evans from Australia, riding Annandale’s Love Story, and with such pizzaz. Love Story lives in New Zealand now with his new owners Cassandra and John Boothe who confirm regularly that his name says it all. This lovely “near leopard spotted” horse carries experienced and timid riders alike showing great concern for their welfare. Vanessa looks very sharp in her black and white ensemble and a softly pattern tartan scarf which are the colors of Annandale’s Tiger Horse Farm.
Each rider is invited to register their barn colors for neck ties but again Tigre requests that they do not overwhelm the quiet costumes of these riders and do not detract from the glorious coat patterns of each exotic Tiger Horse.Helmets are optional but strongly advised.