Soulon Approved

The following horses have been awarded * The Soulon Seal Of Approval * If you own one of these horses and have not received your medallion, send a stamped, self addressed envelope together with your registration certificate to: Soulon Award, 32 Jack Rabbit Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87508. Give us two weeks to get it back to you.

* #1 TGR-M21 Annandale’s Heavenly.

* #2 TGH-84S Annandale’s Avalanche
* #3 TGH-M100 Annandale’s Henna Red
* #4 TGH-M53 Annandale’s Carbon Copy
* #5 TGR-M53 Annandale’s Winter Fox
* #6 TGR-M103 Annandale’s Journey
* #7 TGR-G108 Annandale’s Gait Keeper
* #8 TGR-M109 Annandale’s Amazing Grace
* #9 TGR-S105 Annandale’s Holy Smoke
* #10 TGH-M55 Buckhorn’s Cheyenne
* #11 TGH-S38 TS Oriental Treasure
* #12 TGR-M99 Annandale’s Hallelujah
* #13 TGR-S46 Annandale’s Lover Boy
* #14 TGR-G9 Annandale’s Love Story
* #15 TGR-M22 Annandale’s Tiger Lilly
* #16 TGR-M57 Annandale’s Venus
* #17 TGH-S73 Wyndmoor’s Skip Jack
* #18 TGR-M14 Annandale’s Jessie
* #19 TGR-M101 Marshfield’s Independence.

In consideration of THE SOULON TIGER HORSE processing and issuing any documents based thereon, all persons submitting registration certificates for SOULON APPROVAL acknowledge and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of SOULON, as from time to time amended. SOULON is not yet a Registry but oversees important developments and considers the need for additions, alterations and considerations as the breed develops. Medallions issued to already registered Tiger Horses are free of charge but a stamped self addressed envelope is necessary together with the original registration document in order to receive a Soulon medallion. Please consult current FEES for non registered horses. Should any animal be acknowledged through error, misrepresentation or fraud, the entry of Soulon Approval will become void, together with any entries that may have been made of progeny of such animals. Neither The Soulon Tiger Horse organization, nor Tigre, nor Annandale’s Tiger Horse Farm,, nor their Officers, Directors, Governing Members or employees, shall be liable for any damages sustained by the applicant for Soulon Approval, or any other person or party, as a result of the issuance, transfer or cancellation of Approval based upon statements made or information supplied by the applicant for Approval, or any other person or party. SOULON will refuse to approve any animal if such approval is deemed detrimental to the objectives of SOULON as stated in it's by-laws. The Soulon Tiger Horse is a registered trademark, and may not be used by any unauthorized persons. Soulon is associated with Tigre, The Tiger Horse Breed Registry but in no way with any other “Tiger Horse” organizations/associations. The Soulon Tiger Horse division is privately owned and not for profit. It was started in 2011 by Victoria and Mark Varley.

Nineteen Soulon qualified horses and counting. Please let us know if your Tiger Horse fits these descriptions. If you have not yet registered your horse with Tigre, feel free to contact us here for Soulon recognition and help to get your horse registered with Tigre.