Inner Ear color: Back side color: On the diagram below, draw face, neck or body whorls (a whorl is a cowlick and your horses thumb print). Please find at least 2. Spots change. Whorls do not. The direction of the whorl is important ie, clockwise, anti-clockwise or elongated (centerpede shape). Indicate whether the skin beneath white hair is pink? black? or mottled? (circle one).Color of mane: Color of tail:Sparse and short, or Full and long (circle one). Legs: Indicate all striping/spots/socks or stockings Body: If the horse is a roan be accurate. Face: Draw in all white face markings provided the skin beneath them is pink or mottled.To help you understand what you are looking at: All horses are born with a base coat color, either red or black and their various shades. The white spotting coat patterns deposit on top of the base coat color creating pleasing and contrasting patterns. Tigre prefers that no known Pinto genes are present. We do accept the Sabino gene provided it is present at the same time as the Lp gene on original entry horses. Foals born from two registered Tiger Horses are exempt from this scrutiny. Solid colored foals are perfectly acceptable provided they are born from two Tigre registered parents. If Applicant horse is totally white, wet the coat and examine the skin for accuracy so we can help you identify what you have. We like to see pink or mottled skin beneath white markings. Never black which indicates the presence of the gray gene. Gray is undesirable as it eventually eliminates all the spots.
Important: Some whorls are round, others “elongated” or centerpede shaped. Some are clockwise others anti-clockwise.Please indicate.(below right side) Adult horses: On one front leg measure from crease in horses knee to hairline above hoof in inches. Foals under 6 months, measure from crease in knee to the ground. Helps us know how tall the horse is, or how tall it eventually be.

Check box for horse color:

Note: “CHARACTERISTICS” of the Lp gene (Aka Appaloosa spots) are as follows: Please check appropriate box.
State which hooves are black which hooves are amber Is Applicant a Ghost Horse (FewSpot)? Is Applicant a Snow Cap Visit the Ghost Horse page for correct identification.